About Us

We have built a lean, responsive business by retaining a flat management structure.

Local managers have scope to develop solutions that benefit their customers.
We manage risk and financial performance with proprietary IT systems always structured around human needs.

Europashipping and its various joint-venture subsidiaries are active in numerous territories.
Arm's length relationships preserve commercial independence and drive performance.

Company’s Management

Management and Administration by EUROPA TRUST SWITZERLAND

• GRANT GODFREY - Director East Africa division

• MAIMOONA SAMSODIEN - (BEE Partner) – Director Southern Africa & Namibia Division

The company is primarily focusing on petroleum products as a primary trader and also operate on shipping, in cooperation with the largest Greek shipping companies and the MIRAGEFIN UK LTD.

Within the region of S.A. the company holds one of the three licenses for importing and distributing petroleum products in JV with DIKALA PETROLEUM.
Overseas the company has engaged into trading crude oil from NNPC, Iraq and Oman and distilled products originating from Russia Federation.

The company also has partnership with Chinese GNI based on oil products trading while for minerals operate in JV with VALUE FREIGHT MANAGEMENT PTYLTD and is also active into trading Ferrous metals, non-Ferrous/ LME base metals as well as precious metals sourcing mainly from Africa.

The business history of the company commences from Konstantinopolis and Antalya in 1913 and the founding members were Konstantinos Tsakiroglou and Stavros Pavlidis

Since 1939 Anastasios Tsakiroglou takes over and the company continues its upward course in trading based in Athens and Alexandria, Egypt.

On 80's Anna Tsakiroglou leads the company until 1993 when Konstantinos A. Tsakiroglou takes control and maintained until today.
Via a special resolution during May 2002,the company changed its name to EUROPA SHIPPING SA.
The headquarters of the company were established in Cape Town of South Africa and the core business of the company was coal trading.
The following years the company has based it's development on oil trading & shipping and consolidate its position in the region and worldwide.

Since the beginning of 2014 the company has established its subsidiary in Hong Kong so as to mainly fulfill long term contracts that were signed with some of the largest companies in China


The gas market is so demanding and so confusing that needs devotion and constant view of the market and this is why we place such priority when we are to recruit our staff who are to handle this market.

In an effort to overcome the obstacles we have engaged ourselves on long term relations with state oil producers and refiners whom we trust and honor.

In most of the cases logistics are the biggest puzzle, and given the strict policy of the suppliers and their procedures, we step-in in any case we see a gap between those followed by our end buyers so as to bridge the differences.

For crude oil our main supplier is NNPC, Iraq and Oman and for distilled end products we source from smaller or bigger Russian refineries.

Our company procures Ferrous and non-Ferrous Metals from all over the world for valuable clientele spread across China, India,South Africa, Zambia, D.R. Congo, Turkey, Russia and Europe.

We source material directly from producers by financing their production so as to verify special prices most of which pass through to our devoted customers.


  Ferrous Scrap
  Pig Iron
  Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)
  Semi-Finished Steel
  Ferro Alloys
  Billets & Slabs
  Bulk and Containerized Cargo
  Re-rollable products

With our large network of company owned and affiliated sources, Sims Metal Management Global Trade Corporation can provide a consistent source of materials for your needs.

Non-Ferrous materials

Our rare and specialized trading skills and our use of London Metal Exchange and on circumstances Comex hedging enable us to customize both the short- and long-term needs of our trading partners with optimal flexibility and on a truly global and 24/7 basis.


Over a long journey we have build strong relations with banks and funds so as to have a reliable and imminent clientele mainly for gold.

In that sense we are strong buyers for smaller traders and or hunters with ability to deliver on our refinery in Dubai.